EJP, VA3, page 446,”Recalling previous chapters, the Knights of Malta expelled the Jesuits from their island of Malta in 1768. So Napoleon the Freemason, with his French Fleet, was used by the Jesuits to return the insult, driving the Knights from Malta, absorbing their weapons and treasures thirty years later. (The Order never forgives or forgets!)

And to where would those ancient Crusaders go? The Knights sought and received protection from the Russian Tzar Paul I (having designated himself as their Grand Master) and stayed in his Imperial Palace from 1798 onward. It just so happened that on March 7, 1801, the Polish Jesuit Vicar General Franciskus Xavier Kareu, also appeared in Russia. (For it was in 1801 that the suppressed Company of Jesus was given legal existence and permission to reside in that “heretic” nation by Pope Pius VII). What reason could justify this secret rendezvous? The Knights of Malta and the Jesuit Order had mutual interests. They both wanted to take Jerusalem away from the Moslems and rebuild Solomon’s Temple for the Pope. So having been humbled by the Jesuits with Napoleon, they evidently agreed to be subordinate to the Jesuit General. The Knights would never be expelled from Russia unlike the Jesuit Order. By 1879, the Jesuit-trained Pope Leo XIII gave the Grand Master of the Knights of Malta the status of a Cardinal. This act formally subordinated these warriors to the Pope—the now “infallible” Papal Caesar under Jesuit domination.”