When confronted with the abject failure of Integration and the inexcusable savagery of the majority American Savage Blacks, Liberal, Yankee Apologists will complain that the Savage Black behavior is not their fault but the fault of their poverty caused by a system geared toward White Privilege. Is the crime problem of the majority Savage Black Community caused by poverty or is the poverty problem of the majority Savage Black Community caused by the extreme crime driven tendencies of their hearts, which said extreme tendency is displayed in their culture?

Before I begin, I want to diffuse any kind of a priori dismissal of this paper, as if the author was a member of the White Privileged Demographic and therefore, unqualified to speak to this issue. I was not raised in a Fundamentalist Christian Family. I was reared in the public school system and up until my conversion to Protestant Christianity around the age of 20, I was an anti-Christian, agnostic, spiritualistic, Yankee-ized, Negroized,  Darwinist. I was obsessed with Rap music and Marijuana.  My parents did not pay for my college. I am still paying for my undergraduate degree to this day. I was offered a merit-based scholarship to finish my last year in college, which said scholarship was taken from me a month before I graduated simply  because I became a Presbyterian and could not with a straight conscience  sing in a choir as my employer  required. This destroyed my life financially. I had to attain up to three jobs (All working on my feet) in the next year to pay all of the monthly bills which were now piled up on me due to the unfaithfulness and deceit of a certain Christian Institution. I could have obtained a high paying job with my newly attained 3 year degree in Culinary Arts but our Industries in America refuse to honor a man’s religious rights to obey the Fourth Commandment of Moses’ Law. Thus I was denied proper employment because of my religion, directly on literally dozens of occasions and indirectly on hundreds of occasions.  After a year of  working up to three jobs, my body broke down. For months I thought that I was getting a Kidney Stone but in actuality my vertebrate were beginning to become unstable as ligaments in my hip were beginning to give way. While at work one day in early of 2009 a ligament that holds my spine and my hip together tore, and has left me permanently disabled in my hip’s SI joint, and my L4 and L5.  As of late in 2012 I have improved little. I can no longer perform the career that I studied so long to attain and subjected myself to great debt for. I can stand for about an hour before I am in serious pain and I can only sit upright for about 45 minutes before I am in serious pain. I have had to get extremely creative to perform the two Hotel jobs that I work now. I make minimum wage at my full-time job and near minimum wage at my second job. When I was injured at work, I lost my Career, everything I had worked for my whole life and put myself in deep debt for,  my home with my friends and all my Christian friends which were many, my Church, and any chance to have a family. I was subsequently hounded by debtors who threatened to take me to court unless I paid them money I had no way to earn, and through constant badgering by these people I suffered a nervous breakdown. I now suffer from panic attacks and frequent occasions of severe heart palpitations. I literally now have nothing physical to live for outside of basic survival. Therefore, I have no sympathy whatsoever for the excuses of the Majority Savage Black Community who so vehemently blame others for their poverty, as if discrimination has anything to do with it. I have the ability to stand up for maybe a couple hours a day and I have two jobs! If ever the Savage Black Community wishes to complain of racial discrimination I will counter with their anti-Christian Yankee religious discrimination which has for the last 150 years completely exterminated everything that I would want to live for in this life.


John Henrik Clarke pointed out in his The Civil War & Its Aftermath[1], many Black Colleges have been taken over in the name of Integration and the American Blacks as a whole have integrated themselves into non-existence. Integration destroyed Black communities. In the pre-Integration communities that Clarke grew up in he remembered Black owned Grocery Stores, Black owned Gas Stations, and Black owned Hotels (Run by a woman named “Big Mama”),  which provided employment, and work environments for Black people, free from White racial discrimination. When Integration was instituted, Clarke complained that the educated Black people that were capable of sustaining these businesses left the Black communities to live in White communities. Black Civil Rights advocates like Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X wanted nothing to do with Integration.[2] They wanted Black Nationalism. They did not want their Black racial brethren dependent on White People for employment and progress. They wanted to earn the respect of the White man by proving that the Blacks could build a civilization themselves. Malcolm X found the whole idea of forced Integration completely hypocritical and antithetical to the entire idea of racial equality. X knew that the Whites would despise the Blacks even more, if they were forced to integrate with them, thus proving that the Blacks could not exist and flourish without the White man.

However, this agenda went against the Jesuit agenda as had been established by the destruction and rape of the South pursuant unto the 16th amendment. Edwin Allen Sherman, in his The Engineer Corps of Hell (1883) proved the Jesuits were behind all of this. Black Freemason W. E. B. Du Bois, of the Rockefeller-financed NAACP in 1910, despised Garvey. In his The Crises,[3]  Du Bois said,

“Marcus Garvey is, without doubt, the most dangerous enemy of the Negro race in America and in the world. He is either a lunatic or a traitor.” [Sound familiar my White Nationalist brother? ]

Garvey wanted Biblical Nationalism and separation of the races. Du Bois had notorious connections with high level Communists like Mao Tse Tung[4] (Top Post image) and advocated the exact opposite. You see, the Papacy wants a return to the international sovereignty of the Vatican and the dissolution of national sovereignty and distinct human identity. In the Encyclical of Pope Pius XI, December 23, 1929 he said, [Below image from EJP’s, VA III, pg. 1453 where he says, ” Next to JFK is the sinister Walter P. Reuther, President of the United Automobile Workers, Vice-President of the AFL-CIO, and a member of the Black Pope’s United World Federalists along with CFR member, Civil Rights Commission-member and President of NotreDameUniversity, Priest Theodore Hesburgh. To Randolph’s right is Rabbi Joachim Prinz, a personal acquaintance of SS/SD Adolf Eichmann while in Vienna and chairman of the American Jewish Congress which, under Reformed Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, betrayed European Jews by refusing to aid in their escape from Nazi-occupied Europe. On the extreme left is Martin Luther King, Jr., holding a plagiarized doctorate in systematic theology from Boston University’s School of Theology heavily influenced by Jesuits at nearby Boston College.”]

“4. Let Us begin with those things that seem more important because they have closer relation to the Holy See and to the government of the Church entrusted by Providence to the Supreme Pontiff. It seems especially opportune in this connection to recall some passages of Our first Encyclical, “Ubi Arcana.” In this letter We made the following complaint: “It is scarcely necessary to say with how much pain and grief We see Italy outside this friendly harmony of so many States. For Italy is Our own country, the country in which the overruling hand of God placed and fixed the See of His Vicar on earth. He placed it here in Rome, which had been the capital of that marvelous, yet limited empire, thus making it capital of the entire world. For thus it became the seat of a sovereignty that surpasses all national and political boundaries, that embraces all men and all peoples, like the sovereignty of Christ Himself, whom it represents and whose office it fills. The origin and character of this sovereignty, no less than the inviolable rights of conscience of millions of the Faithful throughout the world, require that it should be, in fact and in appearance, independent and free from every human authority and law, even though it be a ‘Law of Guarantees.”[5]

It is then also no surprise that the Freemasonic mentor of Martin Luther King[6], A. Philip Randolph was mentored by a Jesuit named John Lafarge Jr.[7]

The plot thickens. In the well known Godfather Trilogy, we have the Immobiliare banking scandal as the base plot of The Godfather Part III. This movie was inspired by real life events in the Banco Ambrosiano scandal. Here we have, Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, the “governor of the Vatican Bank, who was indicted over his involvement with the collapse of the scandal-ridden Banco Ambrosiano”[8], Pope Paul VI and none other than Martin Luther King.[9] EJP points out,

“Roy Wilkins, executive secretary of the NAACP  [was] later awarded St. Louis University’s “Sword of Ignatius Loyola” in 1976[10][WOW!!!]…SMOM Henry R. Luce’s Time magazine named King “Man of the Year” in 1964 on orders from Cardinal Spellman, furthering Rome’s Civil Rights agitation.”[11]

So if MLK was controlled by the Vatican why was he assassinated? Because he began to oppose the Vietnam War.[12] The Vietnam War was Cardinal Spellman’s War (Spelly’s War).[13] Moreover, Theodore Hesburgh, educated by the Jesuits at the first Jesuit University ever established, Pontifical Gregorian University,[14] was an influential member of the Civil Rights Commission. Later, he became Chairman.[15]

In John Henrik Clarke’s A Great and Mighty Walk, Clarke pointed out that Gandhi’s Passive Resistance philosophy was a strategy and not a way of life.[16] Clarke pointed out that Martin Luther King patterned his movement after Gandhi. Clarke complained, “A strategy is never a way of life.”[17] In his other lectures and in his dialogue with Cornell West,[18] Clarke maintained his life-long commitment to Black Nationalism.

Black Scholar, Roy L. Brooks’ Integration or Separation?[19] also provided  criticisms of Integration. In Chapter 6, “Why Integration Has Failed”, Brooks says,

“When all the probing, postulating, and proselytizing about the American race problem comes to an end, one thing will remain clear beyond peradventure: the traditional liberal solution to the problem-racial integration-is not the right answer for most African Americans. Four decades after the Brown V. Board of Education, millions of African Americans are still not receiving adequate education and emotional support in our public schools, are still not living in safe and decent neighborhoods, are still not working to their full economic and emotional potential, and are still not able to protect their social and economic interests through the political process…[Integration] has encouraged and facilitated an exodus of talented individuals and stable families from African American communities during the post-1960s, and thereby depleted these communities of human and economic resources. This flight to integration has left millions of African Americans in the nation’s inner cities not just poor but poverty stricken.”[20]

Brooks sees Racism not simply as an attitude but “power to systematically exclude Whites from opportunities and rewards in major economic, cultural, and political institutions.”[21] Brooks complained that Integration has not changed the attitude of Whites towards Blacks. He complains that “middle class African Americans, despite all their socioeconomic success, must endure…racial slurs..the battle flag of the old Confederacy flying over several state capitols”, etc.[22]

Brooks, directly acknowledged my view of Separate Nations and provided arguments against it:

1. The Nationalist groups that have existed in the past promoted their Nationalism to the expense of other races. Thus Black Muslim theology has tended to promote Black Liberation with the goal of the destruction of the White race.[23]

2. Attempts to take African Americans back to Africa have failed. Brooks mentioned the failed 1822 experiment in Liberia. Brooks wants to make sure Democratic ideals and modern thought is transferred with the Blacks and that has not happened in the past.

3. “Domestic Migration or territorial separation, has also been a failure…This conclusion is well illustrated by the historical record of ‘Black Towns’…which were not self sufficient…Jim Crow prevented the residents from totally insulating themselves from White oppression…most Black towns faded away because their economies were hopelessly dependent upon outside capital, lacked diversification (most depended on a single crop such as cotton), and, like hundreds of other small towns across America, they fell victim to industrialization-structural changes in the larger economy that moved jobs from the farms to the factories.”

4. Finally Brooks believes that Black Nationalism has created a detrimental and destructive hostility towards anything European. He calls this “Racial Romanticism.”[24]

I would reply that all of these objections are satisfied in the solution that Eric Jon Phelps has presented, namely, that the United States reserve a handful of States to be populated by Blacks and other necessary persons such as inter-racial spouses. The States would constitute a new nation, independent of the United States. This movement should be based upon the origin of Races, and Racial and Linguistic Separation found in Genesis 9-11. In this construction the races and languages are something that God created according to his good pleasure, as he is a God who loves distinction and variety. He is not a distinction-less monad. Thus any preaching of racial or genetic purification by the elimination of a certain race would be absent and strongly condemned.  Secondly, this would not involve an exodus back to Africa but would involve a population shift within a social structure already replete with Black Democratic Government Representatives. Thirdly, this solution would remove the Blacks from being under a White government and thus remove the ability of any Whites to oppress or hold Blacks back. On the contrary, and fourthly, the Whites would be giving up huge industrialized States ready to be used by the Blacks, thus removing the detrimental effects of Black Racial Romanticism.

The 1923 population exchange between Greece and Turkey could serve as a precedent and a model for future actions.

Black Racial Solutions Translate Into the Destruction of Protestant Christianity

One of the primary reasons why I so strongly advocate this Separation is to restore my Christian Patriarchal Culture. The presence of the Blacks here has been nothing short of the perfect opportunity for the Jesuits to destroy the Protestant Christian Patriarchal way of life.[25]  I have in the recent past written articles arguing that our Western Governments, under the leading of the Jesuits, have created a Secularist Consciousness pursuant unto the destruction of the Protestant Religion.[26] Brooks gives us a perfectly good example of how our Universities do things like this:

“Feagin and Vera believe that White racism can be surgically removed from the body politic without killing the patient. They offer an elaborate set of proposals designed to create ‘a new socio-racial rationality’ a mutually agreeable social contract that ensures full racial justice and harmony. To reconstruct society along these egalitarian lines, the authors propose that we educate or re-educate the majority of Whites in U.S. racial and ethnic history, a task to which Feagin has committed his entire professional life.”[27]

Brooks doubts that Feagin and Vera will succeed.[28]

Black Poverty

A basic education is the mot obvious condition to obtain a decent job with a living wage. However, according to the Trends in High School Dropout and Completion Rates in the United States: 1972–2009 published by the U.S. Department of Education, October 2011, Blacks drop out of High School at double the rate of Whites. The rate is 2.4% for Whites, 4.8% for Blacks.[29] According to a New York Times article,

“On any given day, about one in every 10 young male high school dropouts is in jail or juvenile detention, compared with one in 35 young male high school graduates, according to a new study of the effects of dropping out of school in an America where demand for low-skill workers is plunging. The picture is even bleaker for African-Americans, with nearly one in four young Black male dropouts incarcerated or otherwise institutionalized on an average day, the study said.”[30]

The Black rate was at least 3 times that of Asian, White or Hispanic.

Teen Pregnancy, by Lisa Shuger, of The National Campaign says,

“Nearly one-third of teen girls who have dropped out of high school cite early pregnancy or parenthood as a key reason. Only 40 percent of teen moms finish high school, and less than two percent of teen mothers (those who have a baby before age 18) finish college by age 30.”

And who has the highest rates of teen pregnancy? According to the Adolescent pregnancy trends and demographics of the The National Center for Biotechnology Information Site,

“In the United States today, 9% of women aged 15 to 19 years become pregnant each year: 5% give birth, 3% have induced abortions, and 1% have miscarriages or stillbirths–rates much higher than those in other developed countries. Rates are highest among those who are older, from disadvantaged backgrounds, Black or Hispanic, married, have much older male partners, and live in southern states.”[31]

However, what keeps the majority of Blacks from graduating high school is that they simply don’t like it and they don’t have stable parental coercion to stay the course. I  grew up listening to rap music and these guys flatly tell you why they don’t want to go to school or the general sentiment among young Blacks. See 5:30-6:50 of Outkast’s song “Git Up, Git Out”,

Many will say that the solution is money. Throw more money at the problem. Here is the problem with that: According to the OECD, Pisa 2009 report, The United States ranks 17th in education in the world, yet our expenditures are ranked 7th in the world. Moreover, the nations ahead of us in Educational performance such as China, Japan and Korea, spend much less than we do on education. According to the OECD Family database’s report, PF1.2: Public spending on education[32], we find that the US is spending about $10, 000 a year for “Public expenditure on primary, secondary and tertiary education, per student”, while Japan is spending about $6, 500 (adjusted for US $) and Korea a little more than $4, 000! Moreover, this number for the US is simply an average among all peoples and races. This does not account for the special attention given to Blacks. According to the US Department of Commerce’s Public Education Finances: 2010, we read in the “Per Pupil Amounts for Current Spending of Public Elementary-Secondary School Systems by State: 2009–2010” section, that the Schools in the District of Colombia, which said District houses the largest Black population in America, spends $18, 667 per pupil; the largest expenditure in the Nation![33] The state with the second largest per pupil expenditure is New York. Guess what, they house the second largest Black population in the Nation (Assuming that D.C. is in the Nation which itself is its own scandal which would technically make NY the largest Black population). So obviously money is not the problem. The problem is moral and spiritual.

Within the Black community, the phrase, “acting White”[34] is a painful criticism made by Blacks against other Blacks who wish to do well in school. This was the subject of  Weighing the “Burden of ‘Acting White'”: Are There Race Differences in Attitudes toward Education? by Philip J. Cook and Jens Ludwig. The thinking of the young Black man is that he is living in the White man’s system. Therefore, any effort put forth by him is simply aiding and abetting a system of historical oppression, as Outkast told us in the referenced video above.

This is just one more reason why I advocate that the Blacks have their own land here governed separately from the White man. Adding to this is the 72 percent illegitimacy among Black families.[35] The Black family has been almost annihilated. This has not always been so among the Black communities. The advent of the crack-cocaine epidemic in the 1980’s was the occasion for the complete dismantling of Black culture. Jared Taylor says, “And unlike the 1970s when two thirds of the teenage mothers were married, in 1988, two thirds of the teenage mothers were single.”[36] And just as a reminder, this was brought upon these people by our own Yankee Government as I demonstrated in another article.[37] This is yet another reason why, for the benefit of both races, we should separate nationally, not simply segregate. These broken, single-female-bread winner homes cannot support a family and thus the poverty multiplies, the welfare multiplies, the crime multiplies. What happened? Taylor points out, “From 1890 to as late as 1950, Black women were more likely than White women to be married.”[38]  So what happened? Babylonianism happened! Forced  Integration! Moreover, the Black thug-life mentality, brought to us by our Illuminist Corporate owned Record Labels, demonizes a life of work and glorifies a life of hustling, drug dealing, pimping and violence. Popular Rapper, Master P, says in his “Let’s Get Em”,

“But I cant be stopped- Cause real TRU niggas make their money from slangin rocks”

Popular Rapper Young Bleed in his “An Offer U Can’t Refuse ” says,

“hey give me weed for a G and let me mob-and fuck what you talkin about playa
cause I do my job-I never knew nothin but hustling-struggle and strive just to stay alive
never could keep a nine to five”.[39]

Popular Rapper Cee-Lo, in “Git Up, Git Out” from the Southern Rap Classic Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, an album I had virtually memorized in my teens and early twenties, said,

“I know you know but I’m gon say this to you I…Get high but I don’t get too high-
So what’s the limit ‘posed to be?- That must be why you can’t get your ass up out the bed before three- You need to git up, git out, cut that bullshit out-Ain’t you sick and tired of having to do without-And what up with all these questions?-As act as though you know somethin I don’t. Do you have any suggestions?-Cuz every job I get is cruel and demeanin-Sick of takin trash out and toilet bowl cleanin-But I’m also sick and tired of struggling-I never ever thought I’d have resort to drug smugglin”.[40]

Could it be that the Corporate Illuminists involved with the glorifying of crime in the Rap Industry are doing a favor for their fellow Corporate Illuminists who have invested in the Privately Owned, Prison Industrial Complex that according to the CNBC Documentary Billions Behind Bars[41], spends more than 74 Billion Dollars a year on Corrections?  I believe so, and it is because of this that I espouse EJP’s  solution to the Black problem here and moreover, I advocate the subsequent Secession of States, the restoration of Protestant Theocracies which will in turn punish the usurious sins of our Corporate Masters.

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