A Helpful Reminder From The History of Virginia In The Hopes Of Avoiding A Coming Race War

The following is a tract that I have created for my hometown of Louisville, KY.

War. Everyone seems to have a theory about why it is waged. In our current situation as Americans, we are faced with numerous theories concerning our Government’s wars in the Middle-East and abroad. Some will tell you they are about ending terrorism. Some will say they are about oil. Some will say they are about opium. Some agree on the means but not on the ends. That is, some people see one thing, like oil, as a means, and not an end in itself, so as to attain the ability to accomplish something else; after all, projects need funding.  So what is the real endgame to all these wars? Is it oil, drugs, terrorism, Imperialism, or a one world government?  Your author thinks none of the above. It is in my opinion that the real endgame behind these wars is one thing we all know too well to be a driving force behind war: RELIGION. As a religious person myself I do not claim that all religions produce wars. However, there are some religions, and one primarily that thrives off of religious war and has used it more than any other religion: The Roman Catholic Church.  People from the British Isles understand this more than we Americans do, which is why their history is so little known among us today. The Roman Catholic Church’s Inquisitions killed over 50 million people who refused to submit to the Roman Papacy.[1] When the Protestant Reformation happened, the Inquisition was failing to eliminate the Protestants and so the Roman Catholic Church resorted to full scale war. In 1618, Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor (educated by the Jesuits), began his persecution of Protestants in direct contradiction to religious rights granted to them by Emperor Rudolf II in his Letter of Majesty. Thus, his tyranny culminated in The Thirty Years War. The Thirty Years War failed to destroy the Protestants and was concluded by The Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 which secured religious liberty for Protestants and ushered in a golden age in white Anglo-Saxon civilization. Rome failed to destroy the Protestants by force and so they turned to the order of the Jesuits to wage covert wars from behind the scenes and out of the spotlight. I could spill gallons of ink on this subject but the one I want to draw your attention to is the covert war that has been at the center of American Culture for centuries: the African Slave Trade.

To understand the significance of this you must understand who the people were who used to inhabit our (By “our” I mean citizens of the State of Kentucky for we used to be a commonwealth of Virginia) original colony, Virginia. Virginia and other colonies in North America were places of refuge for Protestants who were escaping the Inquisition. Our original colony had made the Inquisition and the Council of Trent powerless in these lands and was a bastion of the Protestant Religion. The Jesuits were not going to stand by and watch this happen. I want to survey some points of history with you:

1. The Colony of Virginia had no ships involved in any foreign slave trade.

2. 1726 A.D. – Virginian statesman Mr. Drysdale annexed a tax on the African slave traders in order to decrease the influx of the slaves coming into the colonies yet it was repealed by the English Royal African Company.[2]

3. 1769 A.D. – The House of Burgesses were the first assembly of Colonial representatives in North America which was established by the Virginia Company. It passed an act for raising the duty on all slaves imported, to twenty per cent. “The records of the Executive Department show that this law was vetoed by the king, and declared repealed by a proclamation of William Nelson, President of the Council, April 3d, 1771.”[3]

4. 1772 A.D. – The House of Burgesses Petitioned,

“Resolved, that an humble address be prepared to be presented to his Majesty, to express the high opinion we entertain of his benevolent intentions towards his subjects in the colonies, and that we are thereby induced to ask his paternal assistance in  averting a calamity of a most alarming nature; that  the importation of negroes from Africa has long been considered as, a trade of great inhumanity, and under its present encouragement may endanger the existence of his American dominions; that self-preservation, therefore, urges us to implore him to remove all restraints on his Governors from passing acts of Assembly which are intended to check this pernicious commerce”.[4]

5. 1776 A.D. – Virginia declared her independence from Great Britain. The Constitution and Bill of Rights were drawn up for the State of Virginia where we read in the section detailing the grievances against King George III, “By prompting our negroes to rise in arms against us, those very negroes whom, by an inhuman use of his negative, he hath refused us permission to exclude by law”.

6. 1778 A.D. – On Oct. 5, 1778, Patrick Henry, Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, passed An Act for the Preventing the Farther Importation of Slaves, thus  preventing of the African slave trade.[5] Virginia was then the first province on earth to abolish the African slave trade and make it a penal offence.[6]


Why Were The Africans Forced On Virginia ?

1. During the Suppression of the Jesuits in the 1760s and the 1770s in Europe, the Jesuits fled to England and were received by King George III.[7]

2. Jeremiah Dyson and Charles Jenkinson were known as “the Jesuits of the Treasury”, and the Treasury was the secret dictator behind the throne, which used Grenville as their tool to persecute the American Colonies with their Grenville’s Stamp Act.[8] Dyson also protested the repealing of the said Grenville’s Stamp Act and supported the other measures drawn up by Lord North against the American Colonies.[9] In 1774, Lord North, the ringleader of the Jesuit Treasury,[10] defended the Intolerable Acts in the House of Commons; and let us not forget the Quebec Act which was flagrantly Pro-Catholic, and went against King George’s Protestant Oath which he had taken at his Coronation.


King George was in league with the Jesuits pursuant unto the Counter-Reformation agenda. The Jesuits controlled and used King George and the Royal African Company to flood Virginia with African slaves to kill their citizens just like what happened with the Haitian Revolution. The Jesuits are the real criminals not the White Anglo Protestants in Virginia. On the contrary, the Virginians were the first people on earth to abolish the slave trade. The Jesuit race-war failed to arise but the Africans would later be used as a justification to invade and impoverish the South in the Civil War. Having now populated much of Northeast America with Irish Catholics, and having ascended to positions of power in the American Government[11] the Roman Catholic Hierarchs, the Jesuits,[12] and their Military Cults and Freemasons[13] used the Africans to orchestrate the Civil Rights movement of the 20th Century. The abuse of the Africans by the Jesuit-Freemasonic controlled KKK would be used to forcefully integrate Whites and Blacks together, literally at the end of a Bayonet by our National Guard.[14] The purpose of this was to destroy both the Black and the White Protestant communities, destroying our racial and religious identity, thus turning us into a debauched and immoral society pursuant unto the justification of a police state and a Fascist Dictatorship.[15] That is exactly what we have seen in the last 50 years of American History. I believe that the Roman Catholic influences that originally brought Africans to these shores will continue to agitate another race war here.  In order to avoid this, I advocate that the State of Kentucky Secede from the United States Federal Government, remove the Roman Catholic Hierarchy and  their military orders of the Jesuits, the Knights of Malta and their coadjutant organizations like the Masonic Lodge, provide land for the Africans to have as their own homeland to be governed by them independently and establish a new Protestant Christian Government under the law of God, and the Magisterial Reformation achievements[16] that were rejected by Thomas Jefferson 235 years ago.[17]  The people of America belong in the Magisterial Protestant tradition which has been extirpated by Jesuit inspired Secularism and propaganda related to our present issue.[18] The Jesuits did this exact thing in Germany where they used the Universities to de-Christianize the Protestants through German Rationalism and Criticism of the Bible in preparation for Germany’s coming Nazi-Fascism.[19] We cannot be deceived into falling in line with either the Fascist or Communist systems. Those are both two sides of the same Roman Catholic agenda[20] which succeeded in slaughtering over 100 million enemies of the Vatican in the 20th century. The Protestant Reformation brought universal literacy and human development to the world. It produced the greatest Civilizations ever to exist. What your Vatican controlled government wants to do is  continue to destroy the black community and agitate them through hatefully racist Communism against white people while pushing the white people into hatefully racist Fascism against black people. Don’t fall for their trap.

There is indeed an evil white power structure in the world. But this article has been designed to show that there is more than one kind of white man in the world. There is the white man that falls in line with the Vatican-Jesuit agenda and there is the Protestant. The people of this State need to wake up to the history of the Protestant Reformation and its systematic extermination through covert wars and disinformation. This issue plays a huge role in our Country’s usury-fed economic disaster that started many years ago in the late 15th century with the union between the Jewish bankers, the Vatican and the Jesuits in the late 15th century into the 16th century. We would know that if we had followed the Protestant Reformation.

I am attempting to start The Protestant Christian Church of Louisville. I have a website dedicated to this work which can easily be accessed online by Googling “The Protestant Christian Church of Louisville” or through the URL: https://sites.google.com/a/thekingsparlor.com/the-protestant-scripturalist-church-of-louisville/home

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