After admitting, as I have done many times,  what the word “conditional” does not mean Francis Turretin says,

“if it is taken consequently and a posteriori for the instrumental cause, receptive of the promises of the covenant and for the disposition of the subject…it cannot be denied to be conditional. (a) It is proposed with an express condition (Jn. 3:16, 36; Rom. 10.9; Avts 8:37; Mk. 16:16 and frequently elsewhere). (b) Unless it was conditional, there would be no place for threatenings in the gospel…for the neglect of faith and obedience cannot be culpable, if not required. (c) Otherwise it would follow that God is bound in this covenant to man and not man to God ”.

Institutes, Vol. 2. Twelfth Topic, Question III, Is the covenant of grace conditional and what are its conditions?, pg. 185